To create well-rounded, balanced, life-long learners with the skills necessary for life.

Phoenix-ed learning spaces offer blended learning experiences for children who are 5 to 12 years old. Using a unique self-direct learning approach, inspired by Reggio Emilia, students develop their core academic skills as well as develop their social and emotional competencies.


Curiosity: we are curious about the world around us and seek to understand it

Respect: we treat ourselves, each other and our community with respect

Growth-mindset: we encourage exploration and coming out of our comfort zones

Empathy: we seek to understand how others think and feel, and act accordingly


At Phoenix Learning Spaces, the learning experience focuses on child-centered learning and building the whole child. The learning environment enjoys the following characteristics:

Unstructured learning:

- Students come and leave on flexible schedules

- Students move freely between learning areas and outdoor areas

- A homeroom teacher focuses on creating an inviting learning environment, building learning habits and rituals, and assessment

- The space chooses a learning theme that takes place for a month or longer

- Each learning area builds learning activities around the chosen theme. For example, if the theme is outer space, the science area teacher could model the solar system, the math area teacher could ask students to measure the distance of each planet from the sun, and the literacy area teacher could ask them to write a piece about outer space, and so forth.

Structured programs

- 3 times a week

- Children in structured program can do unstructured as well

- Program includes reading, writing, math

- Assessment: assessment activities include self-reflection, teacher observation, diagnostic assessment, summative assessment (learning products). It takes place monthly