Improve your school performance

With a combined experience of more than 40 years in education and management, we manage your school from A to Z. This includes:

  • Staffing: recruitment of principal, heads of stages, faculty and administrative staff

  • Admissions: planning and managing admissions activities, designing assessments for families, analyzing reports

  • Curriculum design and development

  • Professional development: assessment, training and mentorship of staff and faculty

  • Operations management: operational planning, system and process design, training

  • Financial planning: multiple-year financial plans, revenue and cost forecasts, profit & loss projections, cash flow plans, budget analysis


Launch your school with success

We create a launch plan in collaboration with you as a school owner and in alignment with the necessary stakeholders, kick-off and manage the plan to completion. Services include:

  • Financial modeling: a 7-10 year financial plan including business assumptions, revenue/admissions plan, expenses forecasts, cash flow plan, budget and P&L projections

  • Curriculum development

  • Accreditation: selection and application for candidacy

  • Key staff recruitment: Principal/Director, Operations Manager, Human Resources Manager

  • Procurement

  • Project planning

  • Stakeholder management: vendors, team members, consultants

  • Task management and follow up

  • Risk mitigation and troubleshooting

  • Communication and reporting


Build a Unique & Enduring School


Create a thriving financial plan for your school

We create 7-10 year financial models for your school to ensure its long term success in terms of economic value. Our financial models typically include:

  • Business assumptions/inputs: e.g. tuition pricing, inflation rates, salary scales

  • Revenue plan: admissions & other revenues

  • Cost forecasts: cost of services, sales, general and administrative costs, capital expenses

  • Staffing plan

  • Cash flow plan

  • P&L projections

  • Annual budget


Acquire or sell your school at the best value

We advise on school acquisition deals, with deliverables being brokerage, school performance assessment, feasibility studies and improvement planning


Acquire your school accreditation without any issues

We help you with American and/or British accreditation/candidacy including campus assessment, developing processes, policies, curriculum and all other paperwork required


Build the right community for your school

We create admissions plans and assessments so you can target and attract the right profile of families to your schools, who believe in your school's mission and share its core values. Building a great culture is an essential ingredient in school success, and it starts with a robust admissions process.